We've been working hard to treasure its traditional skill and taste.Each one is crafted individually with care and love.

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Western sweets


Sable with a slight aroma of plum which is made in Mito, a city of plum. Please enjoy a great butter flavor and its original crispy texture.

600 yen / 10 pices
1,200 yen / 20 pieces


Castella, which was brought by Portuguese merchants in the mid-16th century.
Shigeru Murasawa, a Wagashi artisan of Kamejirushi created this great castella after trial and error.

650 yen / small box
1,100 yen / box


Castella with a delicate aroma of Maccha is made with the base of Western Castella.
It is made by the unique compounding method keeping the original texture of the western castella.

650 yen / small box
1,100 yen / box


This confection is made with a generous amount of sweet potato.
A pleasant sweetness will spread around in your mouth when you take a bite.

160 yen / each
1,060 yen / 6 pieces
1,430 yen / 8 pieces
2,070 yen / 12 pieces


Japanese sweets called 'Amamitsuki', which has a shape of the moon (egg-shape) in a clear night sky.

800 yen / 5 pieces
1,700 yen / 10 pieces
2,500 yen / 15 pieces


Madeleine baked with chopped chestnuts.
A delicious aroma of butter and a sweetness of chestnut make a perfect combination.

Chestnut-shaped madeleine with a great aroma of butter

150 yen / each
850 yen / 5 pieces
1,650 yen / 10 pieces


This confection has delicate sweetness of wasanbon sugar and a light crisp texture.
You can enjoy this luxurious flavour with its delicate texture.

500 yen / each

Assorted Cakes

Baked carefully keeping its moist dough and a delicious aroma.
We have three different flavours, caramel, orange and chocolate.

150 yen / each
850 yen / 5 pieces
1,650 yen / 10 pieces


Crispy texture and a great combination of cheese and walnuts.
Each piece is carefully made and creates a crispy texture and a pleasant aroma.


600 yen / 7 pieces
1,000 yen / 16 pieces
2,000 yen / 24 pieces


Tsukuba Sable comes from the shape of
'Mt. Tsukuba'.
Please enjoy a crisp texture and a great aroma of almond.

600 yen / 8 pieces


Ibaraki is Japan's number one melon-producing prefecture.
This crisp-textured sable is made from Quincy melons from Hokota-city.

600 yen / 8 pieces