We've been working hard to treasure its traditional skill and taste.Each one is crafted individually with care and love.

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Special product of Mito

Kamejirushi MITO NO UME

Over 100 years of history.
Our traditional flavor has been maintained and treasured over time.
White bean paste is warapped in Gyuhi and then coverd with honeyed Japanese basil.
It is a well known and loved product in Mito city.

430 yen / 4 pieces
800 yen / 8 pieces
1,000 yen / 10 pieces
1,200 yen / 12 pieces
2,000 yen / 20 pieces

Special product "UMEFUKUSA"

White bean paste wrapped with reddish purple-coloured Japanese basil is softly wrapped with Habutae mochi.
This confection has an delicate aroma of plums.

800 yen / 6 pieces
1,200 yen / 8 pieces

Special product of Mito "NOSHIUME"

This thin-sliced jelly-like sweets is wrapped individually in a bamboo sheath and it has a very delicate taste, which matches to a famous sweets of Mito city.

700 yen / 10 pieces
1,000 yen / 15 pieces


Green plum preserved in honey is softly wrapped with white bean paste and Gyuuhi.
It has a light sweetness and a refreshing flavor.

200 yen / each
1,320 yen / 6 pieces


Sable with a slight aroma of plum which is made in Mito, a city of plum. Please enjoy a great butter flavor and its original crispy texture.

600 yen / 10 pices
1,200 yen / 20 pieces

Special product of Mito "YOSHIWARADENCYU"

Made with sticky rice and ground soybean, this confectionary has simple taste.
It is famous for the original idea of Yoshiwara, a maid of the 9th feudal lord Mito Tokugawas who used a room called the court lady's room.

500 yen / 6 pieces
600 yen / 8 pieces
1,000 yen / 12 pieces
1,200 yen / 16 pieces
1,800 yen / 24 pieces
2,400 yen / 32 pieces