We've been working hard to treasure its traditional skill and taste.Each one is crafted individually with care and love.

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Japanese sweets

Kamejirushi MITO NO UME

Over 100 years of history.
Our traditional flavor has been maintained and treasured over time.
White bean paste is warapped in Gyuhi and then coverd with honeyed Japanese basil.
It is a well known and loved product in Mito city.

430 yen / 4 pieces
800 yen / 8 pieces
1,000 yen / 10 pieces
1,200 yen / 12 pieces
2,000 yen / 20 pieces

Special product "UMEFUKUSA"

White bean paste wrapped with reddish purple-coloured Japanese basil is softly wrapped with Habutae mochi.
This confection has an delicate aroma of plums.

800 yen / 6 pieces
1,200 yen / 8 pieces

Special product of Mito "NOSHIUME"

This thin-sliced jelly-like sweets is wrapped individually in a bamboo sheath and it has a very delicate taste, which matches to a famous sweets of Mito city.

700 yen / 10 pieces
1,000 yen / 15 pieces


Green plum preserved in honey is softly wrapped with white bean paste and Gyuuhi.
It has a light sweetness and a refreshing flavor.

200 yen / each
1,320 yen / 6 pieces

made by Kikuji Akatsu

Made from carefully selected, high-quality ingredients and created with experienced skill by wagashi artisans. Received the top award the Honorary President Award, at the 24th National Confectionery Exposition

■Honneri Yokan with Tokachi Azuki "KAMEKAN"
■Yokan with selected large-size chestnuts "KURIKAN"

KAMEKAN / 3,000 yen
KURIKAN / 4,000 yen


This yokan jelly is made with generous amounts of 'Kyhoo', grape grown in Hitachioota.
Free of artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives.
Carefully made to retain the original tomato taste.
Kyoho grapes are the most popular in Japan.

500 yen


Beniazuma sweet potato grown in Hokota, Ibaraki, has a bright red color and squashy texture.
Generous amounts of this sweet potato are used to make this new, smooth yokan jelly.
Free of artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives.
Carefully made to retain the original sweet potato taste.

400 yen


Ibaraki, in particular Hokota City, is the largest melon production center in Japan.
Hokota is No.1 in terms of production volume and crop acreage of Andes and Quincy melon.
This yokan jelly is made with generous amounts of melon flesh grown in Hokota.
It is sof t and has a lower sugar content than conventional yokan jelly.
This Melon yokan is packe with melon flavor.

400 yen


This Yokan is made with white beans and chocolate which has a delicate sweetness.
It is a new sense taste and texture.

1,100 yen


Ibaraki Prefecture is the best chestnut-producing in Japan.
Chopped selected chestnuts mixed with white bean paste is wrapped with shigure-an and steamed.
It gives a very delicate flavour.

180 yen / each
1,200 yen / 6 pieces


This manjyuu has a shape of a chestnut which is made of our original white bean paste with chopped selected chestnuts in.

150 yen / each
850 yen / 5 pieces
1,650 yen / 10 pieces
2,400 yen / 15 pieces


Perfect gift/present for your someone special.
A great flavour of baked sweet potato paste and Kimi paste with a pleasant aroma of cinnamon.

120 yen (Kimi/Sweet potato)
1,060 yen / 8 pieces
1,590 yen / 12 pieces


This traditional luxurious flavoured sweets is slowly baked and made from high-quality ingredients.

5 pieces (Ogura 3 / Chestnut 2)
10 pieces (Ogura 5 / Chestnut 5)
※Assorted package is available according to your liking

150 yen for Ogura beans
170 yen for Chestnut
890 yen / 5 pieces
1,750 yen / 10 pieces


Kamejirushi's original sweets with crest of hollyhock and a beautifully-baked colour on the top

(Ogura bean / Chestnut)
※Assorted package is available according to your liking

140 yen / each
940 yen / 6 pieces
1,240 yen / 8 pieces
1,550 yen / 10 pieces

Special product of Mito "YOSHIWARADENCYU"

Made with sticky rice and ground soybean, this confectionary has simple taste.
It is famous for the original idea of Yoshiwara, a maid of the 9th feudal lord Mito Tokugawas who used a room called the court lady's room.

500 yen / 6 pieces
600 yen / 8 pieces
1,000 yen / 12 pieces
1,200 yen / 16 pieces
1,800 yen / 24 pieces
2,400 yen / 32 pieces


Milk confectionery Manjuu with a rich and fresh flavour of each ingredient.

・Milk-f lavoured Manjuu
・Ogura Matcha-f lavoured Manjuu

1,200 yen / 10 pieces


350 yen / 11 pieces
600 yne / 16 pieces
1,000 yen / 28 pieces

old-fashioned "MUGIKOGASHI"

・Mugikogashi `Matcha`
We wrap walnut bean paste with matcha-flavoured bean paste, and we wrap again with toasty-matcha flavoured dough and bake it.
Great confection with aromatic Uji matcha.

We wrap walnut bean paste with chestnut bean paste, and wrap it again with toasty-wheat dough and bake it. It has a very pleasant toasty aroma.

180 yen / each
1,200 yen / 6 pieces
2,280 yen / 12 pieces